About Inter-Eco

Private company "Inter-Eco" - design, research and consulting company that operates in the field of environmental protection. The organization implements its activities in many areas in this field, developing the scientific, commercial and public activity. Commercial activity is concentrated mainly on providing services in the field of industrial ecology.
The company was founded in 1999 and since then took a leadership position in the Vinnitsa region. Uniting young and enthusiastic specialists of their own business, the company is always reaching its goals. Our team is distinguished commitment to creative research and individual approach to each project and morality in the adopted compromise - this is the minimum set of requirements that can generate balanced and sustainable solution that will satisfy all parties for many years. Actively developing and continually enhancing their capacity are ready to implement projects of national and international scale.
Our Policies
  1. Transaction of social, clear and efficient  business, based on the partnership and permanent relations between all  the participants of the market.
  2. Individual approach to each client, which takes into account the peculiarities and specificity and as a result of always timely and quality product by adequate costs.
  3. The development of environmental industry by setting new standards of quality, improvement tools of business, policy implementation and innovation.
Our Strategy
In business exists a strategies of better product and better efficiency. Strategy of better efficiency - is widespread practice - is a company trying to spend a minimum, with most earning. In result, the company can be an effective business enterprise, but remain an absolute outsider of competition.
Our team follows a better product strategy - we strive to produce the highest/best  quality product, spending lots of efforts and investments in the development of this field, producing new software and equipments, developing a laboratory-research / examination base, promoting innovative products. We win performing the best in our field, and trying to occupy the leading position – we are provide commercial success.
"Inter-Eco" has all  the necessary permits and licenses, certified  ecological measuring  laboratory and   the respective  professionals  to perform their duties.
Normally all work is done "turnkey" - with all the necessary approvals and registrations in other institutions, allowing the customer to engage in their own business.
"Inter-Eco" and it's logo is a registered trademark. The certificate on the sign for the goods and services №121804